The IWDG is an All-Ireland group dedicated to the conservation and better understanding of whales, dolphins and porpoise in Irish waters through study, education and interpretation. The core activity is to co-ordinate cetacean stranding and sighting schemes.

Video of IWDG

Since 2000, the IWDG has grown into a credible, effective NGO with a growing membership and increasing influence on government policy and actions. We are a membership based organisation who needs your support and input. Please join the IWDG if you are interested in whales, dolphins and porpoise in Irish waters.

IWDG carry out a number of research activities including monitoring the occurrence of cetaceans in Ireland through the stranding and sighting schemes but also through dedicated surveys. Since 2001 we have been carrying out offshore, ferry and aerial surveys to map the distribution and relative abundance of cetaceans.

This information is essential to develop and support conservation policies and actions and identify important habitats as well as support marine tourism and other activities.

Celtic Mist will be an invaluable resource to support this work especially for surveying offshore waters and we are already planning a shelf edge cruise next summer (2012) and a basking shark survey off North Donegal next May (2012).

Fáilte chuig lucht faire na míolta móra, na ndeilfeanna agus na muc mara ar chósta na hÉireann.


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