Celtic Mist News April 2014

By Deirdre Slevin

Over the past two months, fair winds and calm seas were far and few between.  Celtic Mist did venture out to sea over St. Patricks weekend in search of any cetaceans that may still be in the area after the storms of Winter.  Our suspicions were confirmed that the large whales had left the area when there were no sightings.

Over the following few weeks, the Celtic Mist committee surveyed the vessel for required annual maintenance, in addition to the torn bow lines and damaged sails incurred during the wild winter winds.

Early April, Celtic Mist was lifted once again into New Ross Boatyard.  Maintenance began with new anti-foul being applied, followed by repainting of the hull and the waterline.  To name but a few items, the engine was serviced, fuel lines cleaned out, deck leaks were sealed, sails repaired and portholes cleaned and sealed.  All rust marks were removed from the Wheelhouse and fresh paint was also applied.  The damp green carpet interior of the wardrobes was removed and replaced with clean, dry usable shelving.  The Skippers amongst our members will be pleased to know, they will no longer have a cold shower while in their bunk!!

New emergency batteries were installed and configured for the navigation electronics and communication equipment.  The bow thrusters were removed for servicing and repair.  All life jackets have been professionally serviced and certified and out dated flares replaced by new ones.

As with all boats, there will always be something to fix but once Celtic Mist set sails in search of cetaceans once again, serviced, repaired and in great shape with her new sails and fresh paint, it will be worth all the hard work involved!

Celtic Mist will set sail over the coming week or two and depart New Ross for Dublin, before departing to Rathlin Island late May.  If you would like to join the crew for any of these trips, please email celticmist@iwdg.ie for further details.


Painting the hull © John Smyth

Celtic Mist will attend Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival from the 29th May to 2nd June, before departing on the first of two, one week long voyages to the Hebridean Islands in search of whales and dolphins. The team on-board Celtic Mist will join the HWDT team in Tobermory to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Hebridean Islands © Lucy Hunt

In July members will join Dr. Simon Berrow and Dr. Joanne O’Brien on two bottlenose dolphin research cruises between Rathlin Island and Galway.   Members will learn how to carry out dolphin surveys in Ireland using sightings and acoustic techniques including photo-id and biopsy sampling of dolphins.  These surveys will be carried out off the NW and particularly Donegal bay and the Conamara area to promote their conservation to coastal communities.

We are looking for more members to become involved in the Celtic Mist project, Skippers, crew, scientists, members to help with the running, promoting and assisting with organising of research trips, attending festivals and helping with maintenance.  If you would like to help out in any way, please contact me by emailing celticmist@iwdg.ie

Deirdre Slevin
Celtic Mist Manager

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