Baltimore, West Cork Nov 2013

Celtic Mist made a successful overnight passage from Kilrush to Baltimore, despite the cold conditions, skipper and crew were treated a clear starry sky and full moon to guide them south with Bottlenose and Common Dolphins piloting them through the blaskets and along the west Kerry and cork coastline.

The last two days have been spent filming with Ken Sullivan of Sea Fever Productions, who are preparing a programme on dolphins for RTE.  The programme will include a piece on research on Common Dolphins being carried out by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group in the Celtic Sea.

During the two days we were treated to fantastic close encounters with Fin and Minke Whales, hundreds of Common Dolphins and even a few porpoises. We had Fin Whales lunge feeding surrounded by Common Dolphins.

IMG_6803 IMG_6828 IMG_6880 IMG_6881 IMG_6882 IMG_6888 IMG_6899 IMG_6943








Celtic Mist will remain on the south coast for the winter months. It intends to sail out of Baltimore for the next week before heading east to Kinsale and finally reaching New Ross in December.  Celtic Mist will continue our ongoing surveys of whales and dolphins. All members are invited to join us for a day trip to observe whales and dolphins in Irish waters.

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